What are the benefits of giving a tree?

What are the benefits of giving a tree?

First off, who doesn't love a tree?!? 

Giving a tree as a gift has many benefits from taking care of our environment to providing shade. The symbolism of giving a tree is important, as it reflects your love for the recipient and their environment.

We know that trees are also beneficial to our communities and help cleanse it from pollution and carbon emissions. Trees provide shade, which can reduce air conditioning costs for homeowners by up to 30%, according to Energy Star.

They also absorb rainwater runoff, reducing flooding damage from storms by slowing down erosion along streams and rivers that lead into our oceans.

Additionally, when you purchase an Apple Tree you will also be giving fruit to communities for generations to come.

Giving a tree as a gift allows you to make an impact on someone's life while helping preserve our planet's resources!

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